Lost Diggers

In February 2012 thousands of glass plate negatives were found in an attic in France. These images had been captured over 90 years earlier during the First World War and showed soldiers at rest in the village of Vignacourt during leave from the front. The Australian plates were bought by Kerry Stokes and donated to the Australian War Memorial.

This applications was build in actionscript and used the Starling framework. Images were stored locally however the application used webservices to update comments and submit comments. A requirement of the project was that it had to run offline, so all successful url requests were cached locally. Also any user generated comments were stored locally and synched to the backend whenever an internet connection became active.

For me personally this project had significance as my great uncle is buried in the Vignacourt War Cemetary and may well have been one of those lost diggers. I later visited the town of Vignacourt where the photographs were taken to pay my respects.