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Face Swap

In the lead-up to a new permanent gallery opening at the Australian Museum, I created an interactive SnapChat style filter application that allowes visitors to switch their face over to one of three famous Australians. The app was built in OpenFrameworks and is derived from an experiment done by Kyle McDonald and Arturo Castro. The installation has two touchscreens powered by mac minis housed inside a mobile enclosure. The app has a feature where an image can be emailed to a user, allowing it to be shared on social media. With a background in Industrial design, I was able to produce CAD drawing of the enclosure and consult with the cabinet makers to manufacture the custom unit. The app has been running continuously without any crashed or maintenance required for over 14 months and is used daily by visitors to the Museum.


Early prototype





These are some experiments I made with Openframeworks. I used the book "Interactive Design" by Josh Noble to get me started. The first example is a replication of a piece done by the Sydney Developer Lukasz Karluk and the others are a reworking of some as3 pieces. I often like to replicate works I have seen as a personal challenge and to help focus my efforts.