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Augmented Reality

This marked based AR iOS app was created with Unity and Vuforia. It was developed as a prototype for a media innovation exhibition at the Sydney Opera House.

In a collaboration with a 3D modeler a static poster was transformed in to a 3D scene with a virtual dragon flying into the frame and blowing smoke and flame before flying off. It one of a number of AR apps that I developed whilst at Spinifex.






London AR Viewer

The application was part of a suite of media experiences for a Cisco pavilion in London for the London Olympic Games. The pavilion was situated on top of a building adjacent the Olympic site and had a sweeping view of the Olympic site. This application was built in Unity and I worked with a 3D modeller who developed the London Model.

On the floor of the building was an abstract decal of the river Thames and the application augmented this floor decal with the digital model. This was accomplished by housing the application in a pivoting screen enclosure that was fitted with a video camera pointing at the floor decal. An angular sensor was used to determine the rotation of the screen and the live video feed was placed behind the model.

In addition, a second version of the application was placed outside in a static enclosure. This version could be interacted with via touch and swipe gestures.



Honda AR

This application involved augmenting a view of a vehicle on a turntable with a series of animated vignettes to emphasise the technology and features built into the car.

An Arduino monitored an angular sensor attached to the turntable gearbox and broadcast data over the local network as OSC messages. The Unity application then received this data and synchronised the rotation of the model with the physical car. A touch screen placed in font of the screen allowed a user to call up any of the nine animations. The touchscreen also positioned the user in the ideal spot to view the augmented scene.

The modelling and animations were composed in Maya and exported as a Unity package and then given some shiny paint by some shader experts. This was my first large Unity application and it was a great opportunity to learn the software and C# programming.