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Augmented Reality

This marked based AR iOS app was created with Unity and Vuforia. It was developed as a prototype for a media innovation exhibition at the Sydney Opera House.

In a collaboration with a 3D modeler a static poster was transformed in to a 3D scene with a virtual dragon flying into the frame and blowing smoke and flame before flying off. It one of a number of AR apps that I developed whilst at Spinifex.






Toyota In-Car App

This is a native iOS application developed for the US Auto shows. It features a number of product sales presentations and brand content media and runs on iPad minis mounted inside the cars. A set of videos of sales staff were produced for each car and the application seamlessly transitions between the videos including an additional idle video running on a loop. For each vehicle both english and spanish language videos were produced.

The iOS application uses a CMS to retrieve content for each vehicle and provides rich user tracking data for each interaction. A problem with networking at large public events is that WiFi cannot be relied upon when the show is running. Consequently the application has a synchronising mechanism where the iPad can be configured at the start of the show and download the required content to function offline. Tracking data is then retained locally and only sent when there is a reliable connection.

The application was published using an Enterprise licence which enables deployment via wifi outside of the appStore. The effect is that the iPads can be setup from scratch in a mater of minutes and then operate autonomously for the full duration of the event.




This is a QR code scanner built in Objective-C. This app was an exercise in using Obj-C and used a number of libraries including the zxing, MapKit, CoreLocation and a QR encoder. I was also very disappointed with the quality of QR code scanners available and wanted to contribute an alternative app with more pleasing design.

Click the image to view the app in the app store.




I've built and continue to maintain a popular Australian tax calculator website To complement the website I created an iOS version. The app features a single view with collapsable sections to provide more detail on demand. This allows for a vary clean and simple UI without having to switch back and forth between different views. In addition, the application checks an online data source to check for any changes to the configuration which allows the app to be up-to-date. The application is also Universal to both the iPhone and iPad.

Click the image below to view the app in the Apple AppStore.